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  • Drug free Treatment for Internal & External Hemorrhoids
  • Stops Hemorrhoids Cold!.
The Hemor Rite Kit Includes

  • (1) Hemor Rite Cryotherapy Medical Device
  • (2) Bottles Of Approx. 1.2 oz Natural Lubricant
  • (1) Sanitary Case For Refrigeration
  • (1) Instructions For Proper Usage


Why Hemo-Rite Cryotherapy?

Hemor Rite is a new drug free, Class II medical device - an FDA Approved and tested cryotherapy breakthrough to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids.


Hemor Rite is designed and patented for the Human Anatomy. With the direct application of cold therapy The Hemor Rite Device reduces the swollen veins within the rectal cavity.  Hemor Rite is also beneficial for the treatment of anal perianal fissures due to vasoconstrictive and analgesic properties of the device.

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  • Stops the pain, itching and buring
  • Immediately reduces the swelling of hemorrhoidal tissues
  • Proven and tested by FDA to be safe and effective.
  • Zero side effects.
  • Provides prompt relief of all symptoms, allowing you to resuming your daily activites.
  • 8 Minute treatement lasts upto 10 hours
  • 6 months life span after first freezing
  • Doctors have always recommended cryotherapy for swelling
8 Minute Treatment Last Up To 10 Hours

Hemor Rite's advanced technology takes only 8 minutes to relieve all of your pain and discomfort.  This quick treatment generally lasts for up to 10 hours.  Hemor  Rite is ready for use after only 4 hours!